Seafood Supplies “Goldengill Sdn. Bhd.” aspire to become one of the competitive frozen seafood wholesale suppliers in Malaysia. We established the brand in September 2019 with the main focus to supply fresh, safe and high quality frozen fish and seafood. Seafood Supplies physical store is now operating in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor and planning to set up branches across Malaysia.

In addition, almost all of our sea produce are caught in the waters on Malaysia. Safe and fresh seafood our priority at Seafood Supplies. To conclude, through our IQF technology, we are confident that our products are safe, fresh and free from preservatives.

Seafood Supplies Malaysia - Fresh Seafood Supplier in Malaysia

Seafood Supplies Selangor - Froaen Seafood Wholesaler in Malaysia

Seafood Supplies Malaysia - Frozen Fish Supplier